Birth Control For Men - What Are Your Options?

If you are sexually active and you are not ready to have a kid yet then you need to take responsibility for yourself. You can't leave the birth control totally up to the female because that is taking the decision out of your hands and leaving it completely in the woman's hands.

Women have many options when it comes to their birth control but men are not so lucky. In fact they have only two options available to them and one option removes the chances of having kids completely.

I suppose if you include abstinence as a form of birth control than men really have three options! But come on - is abstinence really something that most men will focus on? Probably not.

And withdrawal may be something that is talked about among men and women as a form of birth control but you are really rolling the dice with withdrawal. You may get lucky but you may also withdraw too late or too slow and a pregnancy could occur.

Men's Birth Control

If you don't want to have children yet then here are your only reliable options.

First Birth Control Option: Condoms

Condoms didn't start out as birth control. They were originally made to protect against syphilis back in the sixteenth century. They are still used today to protect both the female and male from STD's as well as a form of birth control.

Condoms have had a history of changes. What started out as a condom made of cloth changed to animal intestines, then rubber and finally latex which we all know about today.

Today you can buy your latex condoms in all sizes, colors, flavours, and styles. I suppose depending on your mood or style you could literally match a condom to it! And it doesn't matter what size you are as it has become apparent that men are all different sizes and condom manufactures have made their condoms according to that rule.

Some condoms contain a spermicide that gives extra protection against pregnancy. Whatever the condom feels like whether it is jelly like or rubber like do not try to alter the condom with any of your own creams or lubricant. If you want it to be lubricated then buy lubricated condoms because adding your own oils or lotions can damage the condom and therefore destroy the effectiveness that you were depending on.
Remember that some people are allergic to latex. This is something to keep in mind when you are getting ready to have sex with a woman, especially one you don't know. Ask her if she knows of an allergy to latex and if she does then use some other form of birth control.

How to Put a Condom On

Make sure you have the proper size condom first. Then carefully pull the condom out of the wrapper to avoid tears or puncture holes. If you get a tear you might as well be wearing no protection at all.

Unroll the condom on the erect penis making sure to cover the entire length. Leave a small space at the tip of the condom to collect the semen that you will expel. Some condoms already have tips that are designed to do this.

Carefully get rid of any air pockets by running your fingers down the length of the condom from the tip to the base.

When you remove your penis after ejaculation hold on to the base of the condom and remove your penis slowly. Many people have discovered that the condom can sometimes roll off while removing the penis if you are not holding on to it. Don't take that chance or your effort will have been for nothing. Take a second to hold on during withdrawal.

Second Birth Control Option: Vasectomy

This is obviously for the guy who does not want children at all. This is the best way to make sure that children are not going to happen while enjoying sex without condoms or other birth control methods. Of course this doesn't protect against sexually transmitted diseases so wearing a condom would still be required with women who do not get an STD screening with you.

The decision is not taken lightly by doctors. Because it is permanent you will be screened as to why you have made the decision. If you are married or dating someone then you will asked to bring her along as well so that the doctor is aware that she is aware. But in the end it is your decision - you are just given some time to think about it before you go ahead and do it.

The vasectomy is a simple operation. You literally go in, get prepped, and have the operation within a matter of hours - less time usually. The operation itself only takes about thirty minutes.

Essentially what the operation does is cuts off the flow of sperm. It does not remove your hormones that make you masculine. It does not affect your libido. It does not affect your sexual performance or the feeling you get during sex. It cuts the sperm off and prevents them from leaving your body.

A vasectomy can be reversed. This operation is knows as a vasovasostomy. About 60 percent of reversals are able to have children again. But the other 40% will have to live with the decision they made if the reversal does not work.

So there you have it! Two choices for male birth control that you have at your disposal, and until future developments are made they will probably be your only two for a while. Always take responsibility for yourself instead of leaving it someone else's hands.

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