Men Hairstyles

If you are a man who cares a lot about your look and wish to keep up with fashion and trends, well you need a stylish hairstyle. Here is a look at 10 of the hottest mens hairstyles for 2012.

1. Retro hair.
The quiff and pompadour are very similar in style. In fact, some people interchange the terms. However, it is generally accepted that the pompadour is more puffed up than the quiff. The quiff can be considered a toned down version of the pompadour.

This short puffed up look works well for men with hair about 3 to 5 inches or 7.5 to 13 centimeters long. Hair grooming pomade is applied, but do not lay it on thick. The hair is first combed back and then to the side. Shorter hairstyles can be controlled with hair pomade.
Men Hairstyles

2. Natural Curl
Naturally curly hair is popular this year. It is a bit more curly than naturally wavy and many males are wearing this kind of hairstyle long. It looks good long because it stays close to the head and still looks neat in appearance. If you hair in very curly, this kind of look will be easy to maintain.
Men Hairstyles

3. Short Spike
The short spike hairstyle is good for looking kind of dangerous and wild. Many women appreciate this look and are attracted to it. Spiky hair can be in a variety of styles. For instance, you may wish to have a porcupine spike. This is pretty much spiked all over. Spiky hairstyles can be short or long, but short is in this year, and hairspray and styling gel are essential tools. You also will find some styles that utilize short sides and concentrate on spiking the top, and this leads to the Mohawk.
Men Hairstyles

4. Mohawk
The Mohawk is still popular these days. Keep the sides short and the top longer. This kind of hairstyle is not hard to achieve. However, you may need to let your hair grow out first. Most Mohawk hairstyles this year are not as extreme as in the past. This cut can be radical or more conservative such as the faux-hawk. The faux-hawk can be achieved without cutting the sides short, and is a matter of styling. In fact, it can be created from normal looking hair.
Men Hairstyles

5. Buzz Cut
The buzz cut simply refuses to go out of style. It gets its name from the electric clippers that “buzz” all over the head. The hair is short all over, and it is easy to cut and very easy to maintain. In fact, there is virtually no maintenance. This kind of look is great for summer, and you will not have to buy a lot of hair products. In addition, a bottle of shampoo will last a long time. If you want to concentrate on other things this summer, the buzz cut will give you some extra time.
Men Hairstyles

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